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What is our vision and where do we make the difference?

1. Mobile first

More than 80% of the users are looking for real estate on a smartphone or tablet. We started from this point of view in the development of our advertisement application. Your real estate ad initially looks perfect on (very) small screens, but of course also on larger screens.

2. The need for speed

Speed ​​is a critical factor in an optimal mobile experience. Our software has been developed in such a way that we are the fastest in the market by far. Google gives us a score of 92/100 for mobile devices and 100/100 for desktop computers.

3. Location of the user

If the user does not perform a specific search, the properties closest to the user are always displayed. In any case, greater visibility is guaranteed!

4. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can no longer be ignored in modern applications. We use special techniques to “learn” the preferences of users and thus bring out the right properties.

5. Native search

We also use a different approach for the search. You do not have to fill in different fields to search within our adverts. Just search the way you are used to on your favorite search engine.

6. Automatic translations

If you add an ad, you have the option to do this in multiple languages. If you do not do this, our platform will automatically translate the content. Convenient, not?

7. A clear overview

The more items you bring together on a screen, the less the user sees them. We have opted for an infinite scroll system, as used by Facebook. Ads are displayed 1 by 1, so every ad is seen.

8. Do not show again

With the function “no longer show”, recognizable by this icon , you can indicate that you are not interested in this property and it will not more appear in the search results. A function that provides a much more pleasant user experience and higher efficiency.

9. Back to the search results

If you return from a detail page to the search results, you can continue where you left off and do not have to start from scratch.

10. No disturbing advertising

Nowhere on our ads will you find advertisements for other products or services. After all, users experience this as very disturbing and it diverts attention from the essence.

11. Other useful features:

  • Opening hours. If a property is offered through a Real Estate Agent, Notary or other professional, the opening hours are always stated in our advertisement.
  • Autoscroll. Ads load as you move through the offering. So no more use of page buttons.
  • Detail navigation. You can go to the next (or previous) item in your search from a detail page. This way you do not have to return to the overview every time.
  • Social media. Share your ad with a single click on Facebook or Twitter. Simply send ads to a friend via email or Whatsapp.
  • Show on map. View the property on a map, by satellite photo or via Streetview.
  • Full screen mode. View photos in full screen for a better overview.
  • Video. Add a video to your ad.
  • Virtual visit. Add a virtual visit (3D tour) to your ad.
  • Favorites. Build a personal overview based on favorites.
  • Likes. Ads with a higher number of likes will rank higher in the search results.
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