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Imzo is the new breath of fresh air on the Belgian real estate market for selling or renting out houses, apartments, studios, building plots, garages, offices, commercial properties and new buildings. Advertisements are possible for free sale, annuity sale, public sale and via a link to an online auction. In addition to photos, it is also possible to post a video and a virtual tour online. Imzo focuses mainly on mobile devices, speed, user-friendliness, but above all clarity and an ultimate user experience. Furthermore, we use artificial intelligence to match candidates to the offer. For a wider reach, all advertisements are offered in three languages ​​(Dutch, French and English). Our system automatically translates where necessary, including your texts!

The operational startup is planned for August 2020. There will be some very interesting promotions. So keep an eye on us! Of course you can already contact us for more information!

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