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How to search on Imzo?

Imzo uses artificial intelligence to search for what you say or type. Some examples show the possibilities:

  • For sale in Lede up to €250,000.
  • Apartment for rent in Aalst with at least 2 bedrooms and a maximum of €900.
  • Building land in the Ghent region between 100000 and 200000 euros.
  • New construction projects in 2018 Antwerp.
  • Semi-open building with garden in Lokeren.
  • For sale Nieuwstraat 13.
  • For sale without a broker.
  • For sale between 3 and 6 months.
  • For rent with at least two garages.
  • Online auction.
  • Public sale house in Ostend.
  • For sale in Lede en Wichelen en Wetteren.
  • Name real estate office or Notary.
    Shows the full range of a real estate office or Notary.